Why do you need professional grade equipment to properly dry a water damage?

This is a question asked by many of our metro Atlanta customers. Professional water damage repair and restoration companies know that commercial grade drying equipment must be used to dry out a customers water damaged home. Insurance companies in metro Atlanta and the Southeast will not approve a job without the correct air movers, dehumidifiers and air-scrubbers present. Atlanta Flood Equipment only stocks the best equipment available on the market.

If you have had a flood that resulted in some type of water damage it is imperative that you get it taken care of promptly – it is recommended that it is addressed within twenty four hours. There are three classifications of water that cause damage:

Clean Water is the safest of all three and does not pose a health risk to humans but is really incredibly annoying. An overflowing sink or tub or leaky appliance are examples of Clean Water damages.

Grey Water refers to water that contains degrees of chemical, biological or physical contaminants. Toilet bowls, dishwashers and washing machine leaks are the most common kinds of Grey Water. This can lead to sickness in humans and animals if consumed or exposed.

Black Water is most rare and comes mainly from sewage, seawater, and contaminated river or stream water. This type contains highly unsanitary agents such as bacteria and fungus which can lead to severe illness.
If water is left in building material more than 2-3 days there is a risk that toxic mold will develop and grow. The mold damage may not be visible but may be growing in hidden spaces. If you wait too long the clean water and grey water can easily turn into the dangerous black water after forty-eight hours or more.